What is Tdcl7.ocx

OCX stands for ActiveX controls, Tdcl7.ocx is developed by ComponentOne LLC for TDATA and is a product of True DataControl 6.0 Lite (OLE DB).


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File Information

  • File name: Tdcl7.ocx
  • Version: 7.00.2101.008
  • Size: 764.08 MB
  • Product: True DataControl 6.0 Lite (OLE DB)
  • Hash: e1f7c89d844ef0c5440619fa3aaeebf5
  • SHA-1: c6db46af2180fc19b5b305aed5e308cd45727fc4
  • Number of downloads: 476
  • Category T

Common Cause for Tdcl7.ocx error

When Tdcl7.ocx is needed by an application, The OCX file is looked up by Windows system and. application associated with ocx file. If they are unable to locate or find the file it is termed as missing which leads to application error and the application fails to operate.

Tdcl7.ocx Error example


Tdcl7.ocx Error

Common fixes for Tdcl7.ocx error

Here is the link provided for the common fixes for Tdcl7.ocx error

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Tdcl7.ocx Download